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ENCO is a multinational firm headquartered in Dakar, Senegal that focuses on providing environmentally friendly energy solutions by partnering with some of the leading solar technology manufacturers in the world.

ENCO is one of the leading Africa Energy enterprises and is also a leading international supplier in the field of solar systems integration. The group pursues a global growth strategy: it plans and installs energy systems: These ranges from renewable energy (solar, wind, mini-hydro) to conventional sources (grid extension, diesel generation) in more than 7 countries. The ENCO Group is now represented by branch offices on three continents. Read more

The sun produces a tremendous amount of energy. Every second, more than 4 million metric tons of hydrogen is converted into helium. But even at this rate, the sun will continue producing solar energy for another 5 billion years! As a result, solar energy is considered the ultimate renewable energy.
You need to go solar because of its:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Financial Benefits
  • Energy Independence

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